Terms and Conditions for Internship / Training / eLearning courses 



The following constitute the terms and conditions to which applicants agree when registering any NILTECH-EDU at office training or eLearning courses (Terms and Conditions). Throughout the terms and conditions, the NILTECH-EDU stands for NILTECH-EDU (Administration). The NILTECH-EDU reserves the right to review and update these periodically.


  1. Registration with the NILTECH-EDU 
    1.1 When registering for an at office or eLearning training course we require you to register to create an account and provide us with certain information about yourself. In doing this, you agree to:

Provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form and/or our representative. Certification will be provided after completion of course.


2. Joining Instructions

2.1 Joining instructions including the timing and venue details will be available prior to the course start date. NILTECH-EDU will not be held responsible for non-receipt of joining instructions and refunds will not be issued under such circumstances.

2.2 Applicants must plan accordingly before accepting the batch timing because he/she needs to complete the course/ training at the same given time. Changes in batch timings will not be entertained.


3. Prices, discounts and sales taxes/VAT

3.1 Notice of new pricing will be given in advance, but NILTECH-EDU reserves the right to change prices without notice.

3.2 If you select the rate on the booking form applicable to members of other treasury or accountancy bodies you may be required to provide evidence of your membership.

3.3 If three or more people book onto the same at office training course from the same organisation/ group they qualify for a 10% discount off the combined course fees. Also, registering for 2 courses altogether will qualify for 10% discount.


4. Payment

4.1 Registration Fees of INR 1000/- per course must be paid before starting of classes. Registration Fees must be paid while registering the course preferably few days before of starting of the course.

4.2 All UPI Apps, major Credit and Debit cards are accepted. A confirmation will be sent to you by email/SMS from NILTECH-EDU for confirmation of the payment. 

4.3 Sales taxes (VAT, TVA etc.) are charged at the applicable rate depending on the product and/or customer.

4.4 Any Course Fees can be broken down in 2 or 3 instalments on request of the candidate or as predefined on the registration form. The instalments need to paid on decided time/date without fail. Failing to do so may lead to cancellation of Training for the Applicant.


5. Prevailing terms and conditions

5.1 Please note that this and all other NILTECH-EDU pre-contractual documentation shall not constitute an offer. All Training services provided by NILTECH-EDU are on the basis of these Terms and Conditions and if you wish to engage any NILTECH-EDU services we shall only provide them if you accept the Terms and Conditions.

5.2 If you offer to engage NILTECH-EDU on your own terms and conditions then we shall only accept your offer subject to the Terms and Conditions, which shall, if we provide the services you offer to engage, prevail over any other terms and conditions.


6. NILTECH-EDU Learning at office and eLearning courses

6.1 After registering a at office training or eLearning course you will be given access to the NILTECH-EDU’s developers.

6.2 Whilst we make every effort to keep changes to the site or course content to a minimum, we reserve the right to make any amendments to the terms and conditions at any time to reflect changes affecting our business, including but not limited to, changes in technology, payment methods and legal and regulatory requirements. 


7. Ownership and intellectual property rights

7.1 All learning materials, whether on the NILTECH-EDU website or at office training, are owned by the NILTECH-EDU. All intellectual property rights in all materials available from us, including the design, graphics and text of all printed materials and the audio of all webinars and podcasts, are owned solely by the NILTECH-EDU. 

7.2 When you are given access to the Learning, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable licence to use the Learning materials. 

7.3 No Learning content may be copied, reproduced, uploaded, posted, displayed or linked to in any way, in whole or in part, without the NILTECH-EDU’s prior permission. Any such use is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of the NILTECH-EDU’s intellectual property rights.


8. Special requirements at the at office training course

8.1 The NILTECH-EDU will make every effort to accommodate special requirements that have been notified in advance on the registration form. Any Special Requirements or Request is subjected to acceptance by NILTECH-EDU.


9. Health and safety at the at office training course

9.1 You must comply with all health and safety rules and regulations and any other reasonable security requirements that apply at the premises at which the training courses are provided.


10. Liabilities of Candidates

10.1 Any Candidate is supposed to follow all the guidance(s) given by our representative relevant to coursework and Training. Candidate should also complete the Task/ Assignments given by the Developer.

10.2 Applicants must attend all the classes without fail and should inform NILTECH-EDU representative in written in prior if unable to do so. If missed a session, Candidate must go through the recordings of all the missed sessions. Any request for reteaching the topic will not be entertained unless deemed necessary by the Developer or NILTECH-EDU.

10.3 It is always recommended for Applicants to bring own computer for the training sessions.         



Candidate Sign:__________



11. Behaviour of Candidates

11.1 The NILTECH-EDU reserves the right to remove any delegate from a training course whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by the NILTECH-EDU or its developers. In these circumstances, the NILTECH-EDU will neither refund any fees nor reimburse any other costs.


12. Trainers/ Developers

12.1 The NILTECH-EDU shall provide such trainers to present the training course as it, in its sole discretion, deems fit and the NILTECH-EDU shall be entitled at any time to substitute any trainer with any other person who, in the NILTECH-EDU’s sole discretion, it deems suitably qualified to present the relevant course/ training.


13. Liability and Job Opportunities for Candidates

13.1 The NILTECH-EDU does not accept responsibility for anyone acting as a result of information in, or views expressed on, its training courses including course materials. Opinions expressed are those of individual trainers and not necessarily those of the NILTECH-EDU. Participants should take professional advice when dealing with specific situations.

13.2 NILTECH-EDU always hustle to provide latest and best learning experience to Candidates. NILTECH-EDU even offer extra classes and practice sessions and does many extra things to ensure learning of Applicants.

13.3 NILTECH-EDU trains Applicants always by ensuring the content will ensure Job Placement for Candidates and we have observed a very excellent satisfaction and Job Placement rate of our Applicants. Although, NILTECH-EDU doesn’t guarantee placement for each and every individual Applicant.

13.4 Results may vary for Applicants and Good results require efforts and hard work from Applicant also.


14. Technology

14.1 The NILTECH-EDU does not warrant that the provision of any content online will always be available or be uninterrupted, timely or error free, that defects will be corrected or that such content is secure or free from bugs, viruses, errors and omissions. NILTECH-EDU puts lot of efforts to keep the contents safe and reliable.


15. Cancellation

15.1 Cancellation of a at office training course
 If you need to cancel your place on the training course, you must notify the NILTECH-EDU in written within 4 days of course start date. You will receive a full refund. Although, Any Cancellation of Course after that will not be eligible for any Refund.

15.2 Changes and/or Cancellation by the NILTECH-EDU

Where circumstances dictate, the NILTECH-EDU reserves the right to alter published programmes, trainers, fees, dates or venues with prior notice. 

15.3 In extreme circumstances, if NILTECH-EDU may need to cancel a course on notice. In that case a refund of the course fee in full will be made but no compensation will be paid for any additional costs incurred (for example travel, accommodation etc). 


16. on Hold / Irregular

            16.1 Irregular Attendance of Candidate

Any Candidate must inform NILTECH-EDU Customer Support and/or the concerned developer in prior regarding not attending the classes on any particular day/ date. 

16.2 NILTECH-EDU doesn’t take responsibility to recover the topics in case the candidate is absent. In any case, the Applicant must try to attend all the classes without fail.

16.3 Temporary on hold

If any candidate wants to temporarily keep the classes on hold, he/she must pay the must pay the complete fees at latest by time initially decided while registration and then take the approval in written through NILTECH-EDU Customer support. 

16.4 The Applicant should not expect NILTECH-EDU to resume the classes instantly when they want. Resuming of classes will be decided by NILTECH-EDU and is subjected to availability of suitable batches. The Applicant cannot delay the payment of Fees under any circumstances and must pay the fees at latest by time initially decided while registration. 


17. Celebrations of Special Occasions and Birthdays

17.1 Niltech-Edu may hold simple celebrations for you on your Birthday or on some special occasions. The celebration is held based on the dates provided by you in registration form. Kindly inform our Customer Support or Front Desk Executive about your upcoming Birthday or any Special day so that Niltech Edu can become a part of it.



(To be signed while Registration)   Candidate Signature with Date

By Signing Above you accept the mentioned Terms & Conditions



To be filled after completion of the course




I __________________________________ hereby declare that I have successfully completed all the course(s) by NILTECH-EDU and I am satisfied by them. I have also received the course(s)/ Internship completion certificate(s) from NILTECH-EDU.


Course(s) Completed:  1.           


Date: ___/____/____                           (To be signed after Course Completion)    Candidate Signature with Date

Feedback from Applicant: 






“NILTECH-EDU wishes you all the best for your career. We are always here to help you “

Terms and Conditions for Project Development

The agreement is between “Niltech R&D PVT LTD, Hyderabad” hereinafter referred to as “NILTECH-EDU” and “FULL LEGAL NAME OF CLIENT/ COMPANY” hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT ”.

Terms & Conditions: Please acknowledge your agreement to the terms of this letter by signing below and handing over signed letter to the undersigned. Please note that this Project and the Project Agreement is not confirmed by NILTECH-EDU until NILTECH-EDU verifies a signed copy of this letter.

1. CLIENT should prefer to communicate regarding the project via WhatsApp using the registered number only. The Official Customer Support number for NILTECH-EDU is mentioned below.
2. CLIENT should make phone calls only when very necessary and verified by NILTECH-EDU. Phone Calls will be scheduled as per Developer’s Availability. There should be a conscious effort to maintain single point of communication for any type of information exchange during the agreement period.
3. CLIENT agrees to allow enough time for completion of the Project/ Product. Multiple Periodical updates or Delivering a small parts of Project may not be possible.
4. CLIENT agrees to allow appropriate time for response to his/her queries as our Developer’s will be occupied with several other Corporate Projects as well.
5. CLIENT agrees to the information that Project once started cannot be cancelled. This Agreement will be governed by the extant laws of land.
6. CLIENT must use allocated resources only for the purposes approved by NILTECH-EDU within the agreed timings and using it for any other purpose will be taken as breech in agreement. If the allocated resource is an employee of NILTECH-EDU then no personal communication should be done. All the communications must be done through the channel approved by NILTECH-EDU.
7. CLIENT is not entitled to withhold payment or make any deduction from the quoted price of the goods and services in respect of any set-off or counterclaim.
8. NILTECH-EDU Developer will start working on the project only after Project Advance Amount (Generally 50% of Overall Cost) is paid and verified by NILTECH-EDU.
9. Payment within 30 days of Receipt of Material in case of Central Government Organizations only with official P.O.
10. NILTECH-EDU may provide temporary mail ID, credential &/or access to services/software. Thousands of people use NILTECH-EDU services, and we are proud of the trust placed in us. In exchange, we trust CLIENT to use our services responsibly and, in the way, prescribed. NILTECH-EDU shall not be held liable for any type of misuse.
11. NILTECH-EDU will issue a refund amount if NILTECH-EDU developers approve that the requirements mentioned in the Project Agreement cannot be achieved in acceptable proximity.
12. NILTECH-EDU will get the project done as per the requirements mentioned. Making of any change(s) needs to be verified by NILTECH-EDU and may incur extra cost.
13. NILTECH-EDU will deliver/execute the Project only after Complete Payment of the Overall Cost of the Project is done by the CLIENT and verified by NILTECH-EDU with no exception.
14. NILTECH-EDU puts their best efforts to complete the project in time but is not entitled to pay any penalty or fine if the project gets delayed due to any reason whatsoever.
15. NILTECH-EDU will keep all information provided by CLIENT relating to business and/or idea plans, discussions, research, graphic design, and process in strict confidence.
16. NILTECH-EDU puts efforts to complete the Project in-time but is not entitled to pay any penalty or fine if the project gets delayed due to any reason whatsoever.
17. NILTECH-EDU maintains transparency on status of the project although giving continuous status updates to CLIENT mayn’t be possible due to the Nature of work.
18. All copyright, design right and other intellectual property in any design, specification, process, method of working or other information relating to Goods or Services shall vest all-time in the name NILTECH-EDU. NILTECH-EDU only grants to the Customer an irrevocable license to use unless specified in an official agreement/MoU.
19. Asking for personal contact numbers, contacting on Personal Social Media profiles or approach the resource directly now or in future will be considered as breach in agreement.
20. NILTECH-EDU reserves the right to drop the project in case of breech of agreement. This Agreement will be governed by the extant laws of the land.

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